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Certification sets us apart!

We are a group of certified doulas providing services in the greater Spokane area. All of our doulas are members of nationally recognized doula organizations. Our doulas attend the following births: medicated, unmedicated, inductions, high risk, C-section, VBAC and multiples.

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We want to build a relationship not only with you, but also with the people you have entrusted with your care. Our goal is to provide you with your best possible birth team.

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Mentoring is an essential part of the SPDA. Our seasoned doulas serve as mentors to doulas newer to their practice, furthering their education beyond the initial doula training that all of our doulas participate in.

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For Providers

We want to earn your trust building strong working relationships with our medical community. Our goal is to help provide your patients with trusted professional support so that you can rest at ease that their non-medical needs are being met.

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